No tool is quite right

Whether you are implementing or evolving your way of working, tools create a hurdle as their preset models and terminology don't exactly match what your organization uses.

Build the model that is right for you

Nektio allows you to create exactly the model you want, enables you to provide specific tools and views for different user groups.

Faster results, better productivity

Your organization can focus on delivering results, instead of learning how to use tools. Continuous learning can be incorporated to the model by anyone.

SAFe The Way You Want It

Scaled Agile Framework provides a generic formula on how to scale agile, yet every company and industry is different. With Nektio you can customize and extend SAFe in ways that are relevant for you. Whether you need to make smaller adjustments like adding a portfolio kanban phase or a larger one like incorporating product management or budget steering to the model, Nektio provides you with the flexibility you need to get thing set-up as you need them.

Best Practice Roadmaps Across Products

Roadmaps tend to be varying form and quality when there are multiple products in a company. This can look unprofessional in customers' eyes and make it confusing to understand what to expect in the future. Nektio enables you to standardize best practice roadmap formats across products. It is also possible to include other product management best practices such as release planning templates.

Collect Ideas, Track Execution

Customer facing teams like sales and support have insights to customer needs, but often lack the tools to report new ideas and have no visibility on what happens to things that have been reported. With Nektio you can set-up tools for different departments to provide their ideas as well as the visibility on what happens to this feedback, is it for instance turned into new features or better training.