Creating Contexts

In order to create a context in Nektion, go to the model tools and open the contexts tab. Press “Add Context” to create a Context. In the dialog that opens, click on the NAME field to give it the name you want e.g. Product Context. The name is saved by clicking outside the editing area. When you have named the Context press the save button.

Picture 5: New context creation

Now you have a new context. The next step is to add relation types to the context.

Note that if you have existing relation types (displayed in the relation types tab) and want to add them to the context, you can do this by using the “open to right” function to have both tabs open and drag-and-dropping the relation type on the context.

Creating relation types

To finalize the Product Context, we need to create the relation types to it:

  1. Right click on the Context you created and select add child -> relation type. Name your relation type and press enter.
    Picture 6: Adding a relation type
  2. Add the relation types you need. When you create a relation type, you add the start item type, the name and the end item type. The name is often just a verb such as “has” in which case the relation type will be displayed like this: “[Product] has [Feature]”
    • If the start/end items you are adding don’t exist, you can create them!
    Picture 7: Create a new item type if it doesn’t exist

When you are done with the Product context, consider also doing Team and State Contexts using the steps above.