Creating Folders

The main way to access different views in Nektion is through the left side that consists of folders that display different items that can be clicked to access their views. For instance you could have a folder called Projects that contains all projects and by clicking a particular project you access the project’s work breakdown view.

Folders can be created via Nektion [model tools]. In the model tools, select the tab “Folders”. Clicking the “Add Folder” button opens a view like below:

Picture 10: Creation view for folders

Clicking the “New Folder” at the top of the small window allows you to change the folder’s name.

You can now save the folder, and it should appear in the menu on the left.

By right clicking on the folder and selecting “edit folder” you can open the editor again and define what items to show there. The relevant field in the folder’s details view is the one called “Items”. Here you can write the following type of formula (see Note below before you do it!)

->> ”Product has Release”:1234568


  • you cannot copy paste the formula because the item type ids (e.g. 1234567) should be ones that are used on your account
  • when you start writing the formula, there is an autofill function that will suggest formulas, item types etc.
  • you should use it to select the correct choices because the autofill will generate the correct ids for item types, relation types and contexts

The above formula fetches all items of type Product, and expands the tree to include every Release that is linked in a Product.

When you have defined the folder, it will show the text “This view is empty” in the menu. By right clicking on the text and selecting “add sibling”, you can create your first item in the folder. When you have done it, you can right-click on the Product you created, select add child, and create a Release to the Product.

Picture 11: Editing a folder

In the same way you can add another folder called “Teams”, where you can display the Teams and Sprints.