Time Series

The Time Series view displays a chart with changes of a given value plotted over time. For example, you could specify individual data points to represent the amount of fixed issues.

Picture 22: Time Series view

Let’s create a simple time series which displays epics and features created. Start by creating an empty time series view the same way other views are created. In the details view of the view you just created, there are the fields for “Chart start” and “Chart end”. In this case, you could write the following:

Chart start: NOW() - DAYS(// however many days you want)
Chart end: NOW()
Picture 23: The start and end dates in the details view

Now you’ve defined the bounds of the time series. Next, let’s add a simple field under the view and give it the field type of “Formula”. For its expression, you could enter something like this:


This simply counts the items created, and forms a chart based on their creation dates.