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New Nektion UI

We have redesigned our UI and improved the user experience.
The key  changes include:

  • All menu folders remain visible when you minimize the menu

  • Add and access frequently used items in the favorites folder

  • All editable fields can be edited in any view by double-clicking

  • In tree and list views, you open items by clicking the icon

  • Navigate between fields using arrows once a field is clicked and activate the edit mode with space.

Scroll below to see highlights! ​

Small Redesigned Menu.gif

Redesigned Menu

  • Folders are displayed as icons and remain visible when you minimize the menu

  • The settings have been moved to the bottom, on top of the support chat icon

Small redesigned menu looped.gif
Small Favorites looped.gif


  • A new favorites folder to gives you easy access to frequently used items

  • The folder contains your user and any other item that you have added

  • You can add items to favorites by starring them (next to the item name) or by drag-and-dropping items to the favorites folder

Double-Click To Edit Fields

  • All editable fields can be edited by double-clicking on the field in all views

  • Context fields (green background) still open items with one click

  • Some fields can also be read-only

Small Double click to edit looped.gif
Small Click to Open Item looped.gif

Click Icon to Open Item (tree and list view)

  • In tree and list views, the icon is used to open the item

  • In board and timeline views, you can still open items by clicking on them

Ctrl+Click Selects Multiple Items

  • Keep the ctrl button pressed and click on items to select multiple of them

  • Having multiple items selected allows drag-and-dropping all of them or doing the same action to them such as delete (right-click to access the actions)

  • The number of selected items is shown at the bottom

  • Click anywhere to unselect the items

Small Ctrl click looped.gif
Small Feedback looped.gif

Let Us Know What you Think 

  • Press settings menu in the lower left corner and select "Give feedback" to let us know your thoughts

  • We appreciate all feedback!

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