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Scaled Agile

The key to getting long-term business benefits from agile is to be able to adapt it to your context and continuously improve it. With Nektion, you can evolve your approach as you go. You can use Nektion for large use cases like adapting SAFe for your business, implementing Lean Portfolio Management, or taking a small step like implementing user story mapping for a team.

Adapt SAFE

Adapt SAFe for your organization

Scaled Agile Framework, SAFe, is one of the most popular approaches to scaling agile. The key to a successful SAFe implementation is to adapt the model to the unique aspects of your business, enable shorter development cycles, and empower the organization to solve problems and continuously improve its way of working. Nektion enables you to start with the SAFe set-up you want and integrate it to existing team-level tools like JIRA, Azure Devops, Github, and Trello.

Below we have outlined some of the key benefits of using Nektion for SAFe. Book a demo to learn more.

All SAFe version supported, integrate to team level tools

Start with any SAFe version from Full to Essential and make the adaptions needed for your organization. Integrations to Jira, Trello, and VSTS enable teams to use the tools that are best for them.


Portfolio structures update in real-time from team-level tools

Categorize Epics on the dimensions you want such as strategic theme, value stream, and portfolio kanban state. You can create multiple views to support different types of information and decision needs such as Portfolio Kanban to get a quick overview and Backlog Prioritization List for deciding the next Epics to implement.

Customize any view to facilitate decision-making and communicate progress

Create the views you need for supporting portfolio, solution, and program level decision-making and progress views for different stakeholders. All data including the history can be exported in a structured format and further analyzed with tools like Excel and Tableau. Snapshot functionality allows adding any view easily to PowerPoint.


Make data entry easy
for stakeholders

Ensure that the tool is not a bottleneck in getting non-engineers onboard with SAFe. For Epics and similar large items, there are many stakeholders that are supposed to read and add various information, which can make it confusing. Nektion is designed to make their interaction easier.

Incorporate unique aspects of your business

Expand SAFe by adding aspects that are relevant to your business such as product management, risks, dependencies, budgeting, system maps, and strategic themes.


Measure from idea to impact

Every item in Nektion has a full history of events which enables you to flexibly measure lead times between various events such as a Feature Implementation Start and the Feature's Product Release becoming "Ready for Sales". Integrations and the API enable receiving also data from other systems to provide a portfolio view of any relevant KPI.

Lean portfolio

Lean Portfolio Management SAFe

With Nektion, you can implement Lean Portfolio Management just as SAFe describes or adjust it to the specifics of your organizational contexts. See the video below to learn more about Lean Portfolio Management and how SAFe supports it.

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