Our Concept

Nektion allows you to create the structures you need on top of your teams. Work done by teams can reside at the same time in your product portfolio, development portfolio, application portfolio or any other portfolio relevant for you. Create for your portfolios the hierarchies you need such as program increments and sprints, products and product releases. We integrate to existing tools like Jira, Trello and VSTS and provide complementing capabilities for your autonomous organization.

Prioritize Better

See at glance different priorities (such as portfolio vs. bugs) and dependencies and make smarter decision on what to work on next.

Reduced Time-to-Market

Discover your organizational capacity to take in new work and the bottlenecks you have from idea to successful delivery.

Real-Time Visibility

Provide stakeholders with boards and timelines on how things are progressing. Tailor the level of detail for different stakeholder groups.

Continuous Improvement

With Nektion it is easy to add or modify workflows and views and add new concepts.

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