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Tool for Tailoring Scaled Agile for Your Company

Improve your end-to-end value creation by tailoring multi-team agile for your organization and connecting it with the rest of your business. In Nektion, you can set up your way of working and integrate it with existing team tools.


Add the use cases you need in Nektion


Large Scale Agile

SAFe, LeSS, Scrum@Scale or your own agile model


Related Areas

Product management, customer deliveries, key account management

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Specific use cases

User Story Mapping, OKRs, Big room planning

Our Concept

Create product portfolios, development portfolios, application portfolios, or any other portfolio you need. Hierarchies such as program increments and sprints, products, and product releases are easily added to your portfolios. Teams can continue with tools they are familiar with. Work from Trello, Jira, or VSTS is easily integrated into your portfolios.

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Prioritize Better

See at glance different priorities (such as portfolio vs. bugs) and dependencies and make smarter decisions on what to work on next.


Reduced Time-to-Market

Discover your organizational capacity to take in new work and the bottlenecks you have from idea to successful delivery.


Real-Time Visibility

Provide stakeholders with boards and timelines on how things are progressing. Tailor the level of detail for different stakeholder groups.


Continuous Improvement

With Nektion it is easy to add or modify workflows and views and add new concepts.

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